The RoadMinders Super Drive Snippets are mini animated driving lessons

These Snippets offer a great solution for learner drivers and and their supervisors. Need to know how to do a reverse parallel park? Just watch a 1-2 minute Snippet and find out how it's done! EASY

Supper Drive Snippet

Getting Comfortable


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Nick Zonnios Founder The RoadMinders

Hi, I’m Nick

I've been teaching driving to students and driving instructors for over 10 years and have taken many successful students through their driving test.

Now I've made things even easier for my students with our easy-to-follow Super Drive Snippets. Grab your Sam Pack today and experience how easy it is to get all your driving know-how delivered straight to your phone or laptop so that you and your supervising driver can check the right procedure at anytime.

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Creating Solutions For Safer Roads

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Great help for students and their supervising drivers

Our Snippets are presented to you via this app so that you can stop anywhere and check how you should be doing your procedure.

Fully animated and featuring our own Space Ducks

Why not have fun with your driving? Enjoy our Space Ducks who will be featuring in many more Super Drive Snippets from The RoadMinders

There's no need to stop learning

Keep developing your skills and get yourself test ready, and road ready using our lessons designed by a former drive testing officer.